We welcome you to our blog site!  Our passion is homeownership and every day we work to help our clients fulfill that American dream.  The goal of this blog is to provide homeowners a resource beyond the closing table; projects around the home, decorating ideas, recipes, financial guidance and so much more.  We want to help turn your house into a home.

Carrie Williams

Hello and welcome to A House 2 My Home, I am Carrie Williams and I am a mortgage loan officer, a navy wife, a mother, a homeowner, a runner, a bargain shopper and I like to think I have a creative mindset.

This blog is a way to share my passion for home ownership and everything to do with making your house into a home that you love. Here you will find inspirational ideas for your home, experience our coastal lifestyle, learn more about budgeting and financing of a home, and view showcased properties in the local market place.


Mortgage Loan Officer

With over 15 year experience in real estate and mortgage banking I was really looking for a new outlet for sharing benefits of home ownership. Through this blog I want to highlight all stages of the home buying process and give a real life point of view of home buying process. Let’s face it getting a mortgage isn’t glamorous these days but it’s important that buyers understand the process and feel comfortable with this very big purchase.

Navy Wife

I am a proud wife of a Navy service member, Rob. We met over 8 years ago on match.com (it really does work) and I am so happy and privilege to be a part of the Navy community. Virginia Beach/Hampton Roads is where we call home along with hundreds if not thousands of other military families. Being a navy wife does come with its own set of challenges as we have to juggle the everyday duties of the household along with supporting our spouses during times of deployments. Regardless of the sacrifices I wouldn’t change it for the world!

A Homeowner

I bought my first home about 14 years ago, a cute condo blocks from the oceanfront. I loved it so much I decided to buy another one about 2 years later. As single girl, I loved being close to the oceanfront and all that beach had to offer. When my husband I met we combined households and I moved into his home in Hampton. Then began the renovations! We knocked down walls, tiled floors, installed cabinetry, you name it we tried it. Soon we out grew the home and decide to build. Our current home is everything we ever wanted and room for our growing family. Although it is newer, we are always finding ways to make our home unique to our personal style.

A Mother

2016 was an exciting year for my Husband and I. Not only did we welcome the birth of our daughter, Claire, but we found out in October that we are pregnant again! We have a baby boy due to arrive at the end of June. I love am being a Momma and it’s everything I hoped for. We tried for several years to get pregnant so both our children are such blessings to us. This first year of motherhood has flown by! It will be bitter sweet watching my baby girl turn one here soon but we have so many exciting milestones to look forward to. 

A Runner

When I am not working or working hard around the house I prefer to be outdoors, especially running. Living near the beach gives me the freedom to experience lots of locations via my running shoes. Running also provides an outlet for the daily stresses in life and keeps me feeling healthy. I try to maintain a fit lifestyle by cooking healthy, organic foods (most of the time), running regularly and I also play volleyball on a weekly basis. I am a trail runner at heart and prefer to go off the beaten path to find the road less traveled and I always keep my iphone handy take pictures of my runs.

Bargain Shopper

I have to admit that shopping is more than a past time, it’s an addiction! However I am proud to say I rarely pay full price for anything and I am happy to try the DIY route to continue to support my frugal mind set. My home allows me plenty of opportunities to be creative, whether it’s with decorating or planning and hosting a party. Through this blog I hope share my experiences and showcase other’s people creative abilities.

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